Come to Cagbalete

Tranquil waters, blue skies, long stretch of pristine coastline and sand bars, diverse flora and fauna, and fresh breeze – these are just some reasons tourists frequent the beautiful island of Cagbalete. Experience one of the best walkable beaches in the Philippines, a five-hour drive away from Manila.

11196357_10206216656712393_3608332173674884590_nCagbalete Island is another haven in Quezon Province. It is an inhabited island accessible via a 40-60 minute boat ride from the town of Mauban.The island sits in Lamon Bay facing the Pacific Ocean. If you explore a little further around the bay, you’ll probably see the famous luxury island of Balesin and the equally notable Jomalig Island because they share the same bay. This fisher folk’s village has a very rich flora and fauna. The section of the island facing Cagbalete Strait is filled with mangroves where birds occasionally perch to rest. With the great abundance of mangroves, it is safe to assume that the area, or the place in general, has a diverse marine life.

One can get excited over the idea of walking barefoot each time a trip to the beach is planned. This Island offers a seemingly endless white beach that’s as pristine as it could get. Fronting Lamon Bay, the beach becomes magically interesting during low tide. Glorious sand rows and sand bars gradually appear as the waters ebb, revealing a picturesque powdery white sand which is home to what they call Bonsai Island. Tranquil waters mirror the blue skies, a terrific combination that can give serenity- all coupled with fresh breeze. WP_00151611037216_10202487077137857_3572607328106038322_n 11205163_1030135697014963_8367344042868872323_nCome to Cagbalete 11182223_10202487027416614_7224790998963659612_nTagging friends or family members along is one of the best ways to enjoy the trip. Ever heard of the adage “Happiness is real when shared?” There are plenty of options on how to get to Cagbalete Island.

Private transportation A popular way to get to the town of Mauban is by taking the SLEX then taking an exit to Calamba, Laguna. This trip roughly takes 5-6 hours as this route entails passing by the towns of Los Banos, Sta. Cruz, Cavinti, Lusiana, Lucban, Tayabas before reaching the town of Mauban. Another option is by taking the Antipolo road (approximately 4 hours) which requires traveling through the various towns of Rizal, Laguna and Quezon before reaching Mauban. The upside is, you get treated with the beauty of the countryside – a sight to behold along the way!

Public Transportation Traveling via bus can be inconvenient for some since it can mean traversing through a lot of towns with pesky traffic and all. But if you’re willing to drop the negative vibes, you can surely have fun especially if you’re with a great company. For commuters, take a bus in Cubao, Kamias or Taft bound for Lucena (Jac Liner/Lucena Lines/ Jam Liner). Ticket price is 300. You should be in Lucena after 4 hours, from there you need to take a mini-bus (Php60) to Mauban, Quezon. Mini buses travel in one hour interval and are available from 5 Am to 6PM. Jac Liner in Kamias recently opened a direct bus trip to Mauban and the fare costs P280 however trips are only available in two schedules, 4:30 AM and 1 PM.

Join a Group Get the most comfortable trip by joining groups that do regular trips to Cagbalete. This will give utmost convenience as travel expenses, food, and accommodation will already be covered, so you can just chill like a boss. The best part about joining groups is the opportunity to meet new friends and travel buddies. The Little Fox will trip Cagbalete in May and June. For details, don’t hesitate to ask away. 11174907_1082750061751569_4805562448641392466_n Once you reach the town of Mauban, you can hire a private boat or take the public boat that transports locals and tourists alike from Sabang Port to Cagbalete. A P50 environmental fee is collected at the port and that’s on top of the fare-P50 for one way. Here is the schedule of public boats:

Mauban to Cagbalete
10:00 AM and 4:00 PM

Cagbalete to Mauban
8:00 AM and 1:00 PM boat Wher11202968_1030136420348224_8233677182349306589_ne to stay?

Trek for 15 minutes to get to the resort. Hiring a carriage pulled by carabao is recommended (and fun!). The resort can arrange this for tourists. Resorts in Cagbalete are budget-friendly, for a minimum of P1,000, a hut can be rented; however during peak season the hotels are mostly fully booked. For tent owners, pitching a tent costs P200 plus a registration fee of P50. You can also rent the tents from the following resorts.

Villa Cleofas Resort
Contact #:Tonet – +63 917-8395852 / Tess – +63 917-8143475

Pansacola Beach Resort
Contact #: +63 928-5058633

Joven Blue Sea Beach Resort
Contact #: +63 939-2899752/ +63 917-9848505

Villa Noe Beach Resort
Contact #: +63 905-5193847 / +63 909-5241773 / +63 929-2176971
Website: 11200591_1082745421752033_6069936037028197359_nImportant Tips
WP_001473-Hire a boat to Cagbalete Strait to experience the most exquisite portion of the Island. The boat ride costs P 2000 but depending on your haggling skills, discounts can be availed as well. It’s guaranteed that this will be the highlight of the tour.
-Nilandingan Cove is another nice spot in Cagbelete. Going there can be a bit pricey but it should be worth every fortune.
-Bring a book as the place will surely give peace of mind and an opportunity to catch up on you reading.
-Bring sunnies and flip-flops and few of your favorite things. -Bring camping essentials.
-Porters are everywhere that is for sure. Before you let them carry your luggage, ask them of their price first.
-Should you arrive by noon in the Island, consider bringing an umbrella since the trek to the resorts is an open field.
-Buy all your goods at the town proper as the Island has limited stocks.
-Be fortunate about the opportunity to get intimate with nature, frolic and have fun. Check the growing number of friends of The Little fox. The trip was joined by about 40 strong. Click on the link below for our itinerary.
Itinerary Cagbalete Travellers WP_001507 WP_001446 WP_001391 WP_001385  WP_001340WP_001376 Fantasia Painting (33) WP_001461 WP_001458 WP_001449 port 11201617_1082751018418140_4544691503320626932_n 11193231_1082750978418144_6086978862443475801_n 11178338_10202487093418264_2365109659137484589_n 11178306_1082751768418065_654065049513702123_n 11178216_10202487115498816_157983528336812239_n 11169986_10206466900050510_2650994449548702376_n 11169828_1082749701751605_7419882775486758720_n 11150690_1082746818418560_6644587035003312103_n 11148705_1082747105085198_3361241688110057443_n 11140008_10202487083298011_6354744967682003344_n 11036528_1082747285085180_5739707561667271761_n 11014990_1082751001751475_2660734491840122680_n 10407435_1082750935084815_8496035756083779654_n 10392397_10202487032856750_7087768903765372877_n 19085_1082751428418099_850397626211886252_n 16118_1082751811751394_5666986608177596437_nWP_001526 WP_001461 WP_001458 11150776_1082746305085278_2498628259863296384_n 11139003_10206466771087286_3435760664842645365_n 11011066_1082750081751567_4975444595007808791_n WP_001454 WP_001452 WP_001425 WP_001412 WP_001396 WP_001322 Fantasia Painting (31)1471997_10202487025456565_3636760625515829766_n



  1. I went to Cagbalate a year ago and I still haven’t blogged about it yet! Lol. Ang loser ko lang. Anyway, looks like you had fun. The beach is indeed great for walking regardless if it’s low or high tide. Haha

    1. Let’s go back! You’ll prolly’ find it a lot nicer now. hehehe #parasabayan

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