Tracing Evelyn’s Roots

The Little Fox

It’s been months since my bold move to locate Evelyn’s kin. I’ve wanted to write about it but I couldn’t find the right words to describe not only the feeling of finding her relatives but the reality of finding myself too. I admittedly struggled to produce a write-up, but here at last is the story when I traced her roots while discovering her youth and mine.


I grew up hearing stories of how amazing her birthplace is. She often told me about her rustic village where everyone knows everyone. Her little town called Caibiran lies facing the ocean with vast shores that served as her playground while waiting for her fisherman father. When not in school, she would trek the mountains together with her family to harvest sweet potatoes, corn and other consumable provisions. There were stories about waterfalls and streams while journeying through the forest.

She wanted more than…

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